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Company Snapshot

ASRC - Arctic Slope


1230 Agvik St

Barrow, Alaska 99723

Native Cultures Iñupiaq
Worldwide Employees 10,000
Phone (907) 852-2762 Alaska Employees 3,000
www Shareholders 11,000
Email Original Shareholders 3,700
  Land Conveyed 5 million

NativeCo News

ASRC hires Ex-Astronaut for engineering subsidiary

by Lindsey Robbins for the Gazette With a career in NASA and the Navy, along with a brief brush with Hollywood, it would seem there is no uncharted territory left for Scott Altman. Altman, 51, has ... VIEW »

NativeCo News

Arctic Slope (ASRC) changes leadership

(By ELIZABETH BLUEMINK at One of the state’s biggest Native corporations announced Thursday that it has changed its top leadership. Barrow-based Arctic Slope Regional Corp. said its ... VIEW »